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With this service, you can upload the AVZ quarantine for analysis.

The files from the quarantine after studying are used to replenish the database of clean files, the malware detection database, and the heuristic database.

Service usage rules:

  1. You can only upload quarantines created by the AVZ utility. Uploading other files is automatically blocked;
  2. The upload is completely anonymous. However, after uploading, the service reports the MD5 checksum for the received quarantine, and this checksum can be used in email correspondence to identify the uploaded file;
  3. The maximum size of the uploaded quarantine is 250 MB, files larger than this size are ignored.
  4. If the quarantine file exceeds 250 MB, then the file needs to be uploaded to a file sharing service and a link to download it should be provided in this thread.

To automatically collect all unrecognized and suspicious files you need to:

  1. Update AVZ databases (File / Database Update menu)
  2. In the File / Standard Scripts menu, check script number 8 and press the "Perform marked operations" button. The typical script runtime is no more than 5 minutes.
  3. A ZIP archive named (where XXXX is the network name of the computer) containing quarantine files will be created in the LOG folder inside the AVZ directory. This archive needs to be uploaded using the form on this page.
AVZ Quarantine File Upload